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Season 1

Ep.1 LIVE! Legalization

The boys get interviewed regarding the legalization of Marijuana in Canada.

EP.2 Good Guy Though

Paul is too high on edibles to handle Ryan and Steve's shenanigans.

Ep.3 Drunk vs. high

Paul overlooks the ultimate showdown between Ryan and Steve. Gerry is not impressed with the situation.

Ep.4 customer service

The boys argue over whose customer service strategy is the most effective.

ep.5 the o.g. diet

Paul introduces Ryan to the Ancient O.G. Diet. Steve is having issues.

ep.6 Hemp paper

Steve is upset with the changes to the mall bathrooms. Paul might have a solution.

Ep.7 Nerds & Dealers

Ryan introduces the guys to Stan the Dealer who is eccentric about everything. Steve doesn't believe he is offensive or aggressive.

ep.8 accept my identity!

The boys discuss identity politics and where they fall on the spectrum.

ep.9 gone off grid

Ryan has decided to not go on his phone anymore and wants to use Paul's. Steve tries to interject at every turn.

ep.10 Vancouver Monopoly

Gerry finds the boys wrapped up in the grind of Vancouver Monopoly while ignoring customers.

ep.11 Professor Gandalf

Steve and Ryan run into a magical homeless man who has set up shop in Steve's parking space.

ep.12 won't come round

Ryan tries to convince Steve the Earth is flat. Paul notices someone spying on them.

ep.13 enemy territory

Paul and Ryan go over to Van Highland to confront the siblings who run it.

ep.14 manscaping

Steve requests Ryan's help when Paul isn't around. Gerry foolishly brings Jack Hoffman to the shop on short notice.

ep.15 The Cloudy smoke

To the dismay of Paul, Ryan and Steve, Gerry follows the demands of Jack Hoffman regarding the new structure for the shop.

Season 2


The boys want to contact Seth Rogen so they ask the only person they know who can: SLEEPS!

ep.2 Pauls' new look

The boys try to figure out if a robot has entered their store or if Paul just got a hair cut. Stan the Dealer drops by to show them a new show.

ep.3 Podcast

Ryan sneaks into the shop and finds Paul and Steve making a JRE style Podcast without him.

ep.4 Apologies

The boys discuss outrage culture after the incidents of Don Cherry and Justin Trudeau.

ep.5 Cigarettes

Ryan tries to convince Paul cigarettes are bad for his health. Paul strikes up a conversation with the Sister from Van Highland.

ep.6 With the Broom

Jack (Kevin Paynter) wants order, Sleeps (William 'Big Sleeps' Stewart) wants money and the boys have to try and figure it all out while Steve's wig master (Travis Turner) stops by.

ep.7 You Insult Yourselves

In Part One of the season two finale of CLOUD VAN, Paul and Trent are interrupted by Ryan and Steves argument. Jack stops by the shop with news and a fancy chair and is able to rope Nathan and Ray as labour.

ep.8 The New Gerard

In Part Two of the season two finale of CLOUD VAN, the Van Highland Siblings have had enough of the boys shenanigans and call upon Officer Brother. Jack introduces the boys to their new shop manager. Stan the Dealer stops by unannounced.

Season 3

ep.1 Desert or Dessert

Stan the Dealer tries to get a spaced out Steve to explain his high thought of: "Man, If the Horses ran across the Dessert of America." Ryan tries to help but only makes things worse roping Sleeps and Paul into it.

ep.2 Missing The Point

Back from Lockdowns, Sleeps makes moves to bring in new hires once Ryan reveals Paul is missing. Steve sees only one course of action.

ep.3 Milking It

Sleeps and Frankie audition an array of Diverse hires. Ryan and Steve use the local grocery store to tape "Find Paul" Ads to the milk cartons.

ep.4 Winds of Change

Ryan and Steve discover an empty shop with only a note from Sleeps describing what has happened. Sleeps gets news of what he has invested in while the new hires go about their own selfish instincts.

ep.5 In the Endemic

In the Season 3 finale (and The Shop Saga), Sleeps loses control of his workers, Stan the Dealer gives revelations and Steve gets an unexpected call from an old friend while Ryan looks for his belongings.

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