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A Pessimistic Stoner with a high opinion of himself and doesn’t care about anyone else’s interests. Quickly annoyed if conversation doesn’t steer his way and doesn’t take criticism or sarcasm well. Underlying depression but doesn’t show it in front of his friends. Weed is his escape from his own thoughts. His anger and dislike of everything is forever simmering at the surface but rarely boils over. He can put on a look of content and happiness but rarely is. His estranged father comes back into his life which cause more stress and drama.

(played by Stew McLean in CLOUD VAN)

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A Narcissistic Stoner who is a big Conspiracy Theorist. His knowledge consists of useless information. Always brushes off real facts and points that make him wrong and turns the conversation where he wants it to steer away from his point being argued. Weed is his way of coping in a world too big (he really shouldn’t smoke but he does anyways). Scared of how society is structured, he rarely trusts anything a part of "the system.” He constantly creates theories and back stories that rarely are true but defends them anyways. Usually leading to conflicts with everyone. He is alone with his thoughts by choice.  

(played by Ryan Minaker in CLOUD VAN)

I'm gonna call the cops_edited.png


An Egocentric Stoner who is extremely volatile. Always wanting to be a part of everything even though he usually ends up being the butt end of every joke. On the outside it’s like he can handle anything thrown at him but inside he is sad and confused. Smoking is the only thing that makes sense to him because that’s what is a constant in every aspect of his life from family to friends. Everyone he is involved with is a stoner. Weed is his glue to a means of sanity. He is the doormat to everyone and knows it but would rather have attention then nothing at all.

(played by Gentry Bromfield in CLOUD VAN)

No one notice the investors_edited.png


The uptight owner of The Cloudy Smoke Dispensary. He rules with all bark and no bite especially towards Steve. He is loyal to his step-brother Jack who is mentally and emotionally manipulative and abusive towards him especially when it comes to money.

 (played by Joscel Hector in CLOUD VAN)

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Ryan and Steve’s supplier. He is a stoner who doesn’t mean any harm but comes across very aggressively. He is a nice guy but wants to hang out and be “buddy buddy” instead of just supplying. He is also the only one in the city who has connections to the strain “Laughing Buddha “which everyone wants.

(played by Alistar Weir in CLOUD VAN)

SISTER (of Van Highland):

She is a cashier at the Van Highland Dispensary. She comes across as friendly and business first, however is darkly manipulative and intelligent. She is controlling and dominant over her brothers. She knows she is beautiful and uses it.

(played by April Mia in CLOUD VAN)

I'm not your Bro!_edited.png

BROTHER (of Van Highland):

He is a cashier at the Van Highland Dispensary. He is very odd and has a creepy presence about him. Not threatening, just creepy awkward although he tries to come across as authoritative and in control, very submissive to his Sister.

(played by Evan Hall in CLOUD VAN)

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Screen Shot 2019-07-10 at 11.38_edited.p


Gerry’s step-brother and the Lead actor of the online series Winslow. He was adopted into Gerry’s family in his teens. He is very self entitled and especially after finding out he comes from money which he uses to manipulate and advance his own agenda.  His parents are presumed dead leaving the fortune to him which he never lets Gerry forget. Both in real life and on screen he is a weird and morbid man. His show makes little sense to everyone except himself which truly resembles his inner demons and hatred for himself. 

(played by Kevin Paynter in CLOUD VAN)

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A regular customer, turned employee at the Cloudy Smoke Dispensary. He is quiet and always baked with a smile. He has an awkward relationship with Steve but is civil with the rest. He is Canadian in his mind and has no real interest in where he comes from. His parents disagree.

(played by Bernie Yao in CLOUD VAN)

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A Homeless Man who begins to hang around the dispensary. He pretends to be deranged around Steve but is actually quite civil with the rest. He has a personal reason for hanging around the shop that is revealed early on and becomes more and more relevant in Paul’s life and the life of everyone at the dispensary. 

(played by Hartley Holmberg in CLOUD VAN)

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The man with all the connections! He just isn't willing to use them on a whim. Sleeps is the aggressive and yet extremely suave connection everyone wants to have. He knows the biggest stoners in the business including Mr. Seth Rogen himself! Not that the boys will benefit from it.

(played by William "BIG SLEEPS" Stewart in CLOUD VAN)


Steves' go to man for anything Wig related. He is an energetic and friendly guy who takes

pride in what he does. Just don't insult his work. He is also a local rapper.

(played by Travis "Little T" Turner in CLOUD VAN)

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NATHAN & RAY (Locals/Returning Customers):

These three are stoners who are constantly trying to obtain weed any way they can from wherever they can but always are given the runaround until they lose their temper and take matters into their own hands. Anger, confusion and paranoia are their main traits between them. 

(played by Joshua Harding and Zach LeBlanc in CLOUD VAN)


OFFICER BROTHER (of Van Highland):

The older brother to the Brother and Sister. He is an arrogant local VPD who abuses his power and serves only his families intention not the public. He owns the dispensary his siblings run and frequently is a nuisance to the boys at the Cloudy Smoke which is right down the street of his dispensary. 

(played by Richard Thompson in CLOUD VAN)


Sleeps business partner and all around chill hombre. Lizzy takes no disrespect and is all

about making the shop better by breathing diversity and inclusion. But first, lets smoke another one.

(played by Megan Danso in CLOUD VAN)

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