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CHECK OUT THE HILARIOUS TRAILER For Season 3 below also known as
The VAN-Demic!  


Series Overview:

In the cloudy and fast paced city of present day Vancouver, three Zany Stoners (Paul, Ryan and Steve) make life harder on themselves and others while working for their uptight Boss (Gerry) at a local Marijuana Dispensary (The Cloudy Smoke). Whether it’s rival dispensaries, corrupt cops, racial tolerance or romantic relationships, they will always make the worst out of every situation. Each struggling with their own grasp of life, they only have each other to rely on but instead choose to use and abuse each other for personal gain and feelings of self-importance.  If that wasn’t enough, their lives begin to change as they get caught up in a local conspiracy of corruption that will rock the foundation of the Hell disguised as Paradise they’ve created for themselves. The "High" Life has never been so intriguingly odd! Welcome to the Hilariously Off Beat World of:  



Screen Shot 2021-06-04 at 12.56.22

Enjoy all 28 episodes of CLOUD VAN through 3 seasons of non stop laughs getting to know the world and its characters!

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